The area between the natural reserves of Torresalsa, Foce del Platani and Laghetto Gorgo is dedicated to quality production and in this strip of land, a few kilometers from the sea, there is the farm Rizzuto Guccione owned by the Rizzuto family, present for generations in the agricultural area of Agrigento. Although the family boats a past of farmers who have always worked with love and attention in the Piconello lands, the entry into the wine market took place in 2003 with IBISCO, the first bottled wine. In 2005 ended the conversion of vineyards started ten years earlier. Today the Company owns 60 hectars of vineyards cultivating the best grapes of that territory with suitable training systems. All the wines, besides being characterised by a great attention during the vinification, they have a peculiarity: a close connection with art. The labels chosen for the bottles represents the paintings of internationally renowned artists like Piero Guccione, Mary Bauermeinster, Franco Sarnari and Croce Taravella. Now more than ever, the wines confirm the connection with art that we love and cultivate: the same one that you can breathe in the vineyards of Piconello.



The Company organises wine tours which combine the passion for wine with nature made of wild landscapes surrounded by green hills. During the year we organise cultural events like the partecipation to the grape harvest, or naturalistic walks near the territory, or visists in the natural reserves of Torre Salsa, Foce del Platani, Laghetto Gorgo.